Jen Schultz was born and raised in Syracuse and has called it home for more than 40 years. She is the first woman elected as the 1st District Common Councilor and works hard for everyone. Anyone who knows Jen knows she is a hard worker who GETS THINGS DONE! Here are a few statements from constituents and community leaders about Jen:

“…thank you for being authentic people! To me it is clear you have a concern for ALL People and it comes from a sincere place that is within. I clearly see that it is NOT based on political advancement by any means. I can say that I have come to see you as a friend and not just a political and or social justice ally.”

“…This Dynamo of Concern for The Northside of Syracuse has shown what making change, listening AND responding looks like!! She was determined to enhance the quality of life and access to services for her constituents! From Willow Street, to Lodi, to James, to the improvements to The Butternut and Grant Roundabout and all points in between she DID THE WORK!!! I can speak of what she did for people who said, “this City/County doesn’t care about us! Ever since the tragedy at The Skyline people just see as Skyline Trash…” She came through for them. It wasn’t for the camera and it wasn’t for the internet she did it to raise the quality of life for people who needed help and information! Jennifer Schultz will show that same compassion and sensitivity to the entire City of Syracuse! If you want someone on the Council who will do the work, and I am NOT saying that others haven’t worked or are working but if given the opportunity to HELP not just the Northside of the City but to work with her fellow Council-members for the good of Syracuse, Support Jennifer King Schultz, Councilor at Large!!”

“…I have worked with the past 5 councilors for the Northside and I think you are the best councilor we have ever had.”

“…Thank you so much for your help with that house, it feels so much safer here now!”

“..Jen has been sincerely interested in any of my concerns, and more importantly has taken steps to resolve any issues I brought to her attention! I highly endorse her.”

“…Lots of people talk but Jen does the “walk”! Hurray for walking the walk!”