If I had to choose 1 word that sums up my reason for running for the Syracuse Common Council, it would be “CARE.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines CARE as “the process of protecting someone or something and providing what that person or thing needs.” Beyond the true definition, to CARE means even more to me. It means to care for oneself, for your neighbors and your community. The following “CARE” statements are formulas for achieving success.
Community + Advocacy + Respect + Equality
Communication + Action + Responsibility + Education
Commitment + Accountability + Results + Excellence
There are many issues, concerns and areas for improvement. QUALITY OF LIFE is probably the broadest topic any candidate faces and the most difficult to define. To me, and many of the city residents, this means finding a “home.” A “home” is a place where you feel safe, can raise a family, and prosper. I have always felt strongly that our quality of life in central NY is excellent but that may not be a sentiment shared by everyone. The key to improving quality of life lies within many aspects of my platform. Safe neighborhoods, good schools, a competitive tax rate, quality housing, access to essential city services and great communication and collaboration. By acting on the various issues within my platform I will help build a strong quality of life for all city residents and use that to attract even more people to this great city.
Things are better when we work together. Everyone has a voice, and it needs to be heard. I will work for you and with you.
STRONGER NEIGHBORHOODS begin with affordable housing and home ownership. Having lived in Syracuse my whole life, I realize the value of strong neighborhoods. It will be my continued mission to find ways to connect the good people of our city with opportunities to rent, own and maintain living spaces they can be proud of. Success begins by building good relationships within our community, with our city government, and with our police department.
Syracuse is beautiful and our CITY SERVICES are critical to maintaining its beauty. Keeping it clean and at its best requires a coordinated effort between residents and local government. For over 10 years, I have served as a community activist in the 1st District. This work has included building effective relationships with the various City departments in order to fully understand their mission and to help communicate, coordinate and advocate with and for the community. I believe that when residents have a strong working relationship with their government, success is inevitable. This relationship is built with open lines of communication, trust, accountability and respect. Our city and residents deserve the best. If elected, I will continue to work and advocate for success for all.

You have a voice, and it needs to be heard!

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Email: Jen1district@gmail.com
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When we C. A. R. E.
we achieve great things!